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So, I am a newlywed (scroll down for official wedding picture). Have been married four months and a week now. The time has flown which I’m sure anyone who is or has ever been married will tell you the same. I am also told that life only speeds up with every passing year. I am making a conscience effort to not let weeks slip by without making sure we are making lasting, meaningful memories and not just doing the 9-5 five days a week. But—memories can be made in the “mundane”, “listlessness” of daily life…in fact, that is what makes up life so we shouldn’t take it for granted.

Fortunately though, I wouldn’t characterize our newly wedded months of bliss by using words such as boring because of the 4 months we have been married and living in Anderson, we were away for 2 months traveling for residency interviews. Although the nature of our travels was for business so we can find work and begin our future, there was time for fun and sightseeing and shopping which I thoroughly enjoyed. Here is a brief list of the landmarks I observed:

The Ferris wheel, Pensacola, FL

John Hancock Building, Chicago, IL (we ate at The Cheesecake Factory, highly recommend this location, very artistic design)

TODAY Show, NYC (I was lucky enough to stand right behind where Al, Savannah, and Natalie eventually stood to do a 3-minute report outside on the plaza and my dad saw me on TV…woo 2 second fame)

Jax Landing, Jacksonville, FL

10 states, close to 20 cities, and via every method of transportation later…we finished and now is a waiting game until mid-March when we hear where we “matched”. It’s a unique experience and I have had to learn to embrace the uncertainty. We are so ready to know where we will be living for the next 3-6 years. Will the northeast call us up the coast for a new adventure in Boston, NYC, or Philly? Or will we head west to Chicago (fingers crossed)! Or are we meant to stay right here at home and drive down the road to Augusta, GA? What is sure is that it will be an adventure.

So my new husband and mine’s first months of marriage were a bit atypical as we have spent the same time in hotels and on the road as we have in our little 1-bedroom apartment. But nonetheless, it has been as special, loving, and exciting as any other newlywed will attest it is.

PS I hope everyone enjoyed my reference to all-time great Barbra Streisand in today’s blog title…just a tribute to her as I am anticipating this Sunday’s Oscar performance! Here’s to hoping she will sing “Don’t Rain On My Parade”….oh can you imagine?!

Olivia Griffin Wedding Photography

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