A Themed Oscar Night

Winners!I thoroughly enjoyed last night’s telecast of the 85th Annual Academy Awards. I think the producers and director had a vision of what last night should be and it definitely came through into our living rooms. It is my belief that a comedian should host the Oscars so I was in full support when they announced funnyman Seth McFarlane, notorious for poking fun at everyone who was in his audience last night would be at the helm for the three and a half hour show.

The Host

The one word I would use to describe last night’s show would be fun. Simple, yes, but that’s the point. Last night’s performance was not over the top like Oscars of the past and that was just fine. In a way, they played it safe to allow the focus to remain with those the night is intended to celebrate: the films and those who create them. Because really, it takes a village, and this is the night when those who are not in the limelight all the time get their 15 minutes (even if they lose) to be celebrated as the sound editor, costume designer, or illustrator genius they are. So Seth did a great job, he was funny (and inappropriate) but he didn’t oversell it because if he had, I think it would have come off as arrogant and obnoxious. Continue reading for my top five favorite McFarlane moments.

Even though last night’s show was not my favorite Oscars night, it still ranks high. My mind jumps to 2009’s Oscars night with Hugh Jackman and his handmade musical montage/dedication to the year’s Best Picture nominees. Now that was my favorite opening sequence of all time. It had humor, depth, reflection, and just that mega watt star power entertainment that everyone can enjoy. If you haven’t seen it, I linked it above and have embedded it here because it is 7 minutes of pure pleasure. If you don’t read another word of my post, just watch the video. You won’t regret it.

The Speeches

The best thing about the Oscars if the fashion duh but the next best thing is seeing those who have worked so hard for their work to be recognized and to finally be awarded with the highest level of recognition in film achievement there is. To see them hear their name called, walk towards that stage, and deliver (most of the time) extremely self-aware speeches is the most satisfying part of the Oscars. Last night didn’t disappoint. The best speeches are those that provide a memory or a short story either from childhood or from the set or about one of their cast mates. The legendary speeches are those that deliver a meaningful lesson about life, that leave vanity at the door and offers up the speaker in a transparent manner. Daniel Day-Lewis always gives the legendary while Christoph Waltz comes up with good speeches. The worst? The ones that ramble, give too many thank you’s, and just leave you bored. Thank God for that exit music…this year’s was none other than the Jaws duh-duh duh-duh theme. Nice play, Academy.

Anne Hathaway’s speech was one I think all of us were dreading, her breathy voice has accompanied every award speech she has made this season, along with kissy faces for her husband, and some line that sounds a lot like “I can’t believe I am this amazing!” As for last night, it proved to be more of the same BUT the last thing she said fell right under the “legendary” status of speeches and for me, saved her entire speech and maybe I will still go see her in her films. This is what she said right as she was about to leave the stage.

“Here is hoping that in the not so distant future the misfortunes of Fantine will only be found in stories and not in real life.”

Well said, Miss Hathaway.

Top 5 McFarlane Moments

  1. Sock puppets that reenact the movie Flight, especially when the socks are shown spinning around in an actual dryer 
  2. Seth says to Daniel Day-Lewis, trying to understand his method acting in the movie Lincoln, “So if you see Don Cheadle in a parking lot, do you try to free him?”
  3. The Sound of Music gag when introducing actor Christopher Plummer as a presenter
  4. When it was time for Seth to introduce Dame Meryl Streep as the next presenter, he literally acted on “Our next presenter needs no introduction” and he walked off the stage while Meryl came forth to present…he is right though, she is that legendary
  5. The bit with Sally Field and the flying nun…very creative

Thanks for reading. Please comment below or connect with me on Twitter (@hhamam). I would love to chat and discuss last night’s Oscars! What movies are you dying to see now that the best of the best has been unveiled? Argo is still out in theaters…

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