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Romance, elegance, and DIY? It’s Wedding Wednesday!

DIY: Gold Doily Wedding Program
DIY: Gold Doily Wedding Program

On this beautiful Wednesday, I thought I would offer any brides-to-be some wedding day inspiration from my special day.

Many brides begin DIY projects as early as their engagement party, along the way in their bridal showers, all the way leading up to their big day. By involving your groom and including your bridesmaids, everyone feels even more a part of your life and your wedding day. Furthermore, it’s no secret that it is an effective way to save money!

I wanted my wedding to reflect my husband and me as a couple so by including DIY decor and personalized touches here and there, I was able to transform my wedding into something custom and unique. Also–it was a lot of fun to create and make these designs.

I knew from the get-go that I wanted to personally design and create my wedding programs. For two reasons: one, because I had perused a few websites ( being one of them) and was terrified by their expense, and two, because I knew I wanted to create a “logo” with an “S” monogram (“S” being the first initial of my new last name) that once I created, I could use in other decor throughout my reception.

Initiate creative process:

My wedding never really had a theme other than my colors which came out strongly in my decor: Versailles blue and gold. I had envisioned an elegant and romantic evening but not way over the top. I knew I wanted soft lighting which meant candle lit tables as I wanted everyone to feel romance and love in the air. I used beautiful vintage bird cages as some of my table centerpieces to hold the candles and create the atmosphere I desired. The cages were ivory and blended well with the ivory table cloths and chair slips so that the organza Versailles blue chair sashes could stand out.

Vintage Bird Cage Centerpieces make Candle Light Dance
Image: Vintage Bird Cage Centerpieces make Candle Light Dance
Versailles Blue Organza Chair Sash
Image: Versailles Blue Organza Chair Sash

DIY: Creating personalized wedding programs

From visiting countless wedding inspiration websites, I had see many DIY projects with doilys but none were ever gold and none ever involved an actual wedding program. But for some reason, my creativity struck like lightning and I immediately saw a gold doily wrapped around my program (see first image of this post). The only thing was: Would it look brilliant or tacky? So I went to a Hobby Lobby or some other craft store (I really can’t remember as I visited so many Michaels-type stores, I can’t keep them straight anymore!) and looked for their doily section. As soon as I found it I knew that it was fate because there in front of me was the perfect size GOLD doily. It was even made of sturdy enough material for what I planned to use it for. See the link above for the exact brand I used. You can use just about anything that makes you happy.

For the monogram:

I found a great website that offers a FREE monogram generator in a variety of styles, themes, and colors. The site is “Wedding Chicks” and is an inspiration guide for brides! I definitely recommend it.

The monogram I used was: Antique Custom Monogram and looks like this…

It was really lovely. I also used it in our wedding slideshow presentation. And I used it again on a sign at our candy bar…which is a great segue for me to talk about it now.

Candy Buffet

Image: "Love is Sweet" Framed Candy Bar Sign
Image: “Love is Sweet” Candy Bar Sign in Gold Frame

Another expense for a bride and groom on their wedding day is the wedding favor they will send home with their guests thanking them for being a part of their day. I spent a lot of time on favor websites trying to find something that suited our wedding colors and theme but it didn’t happen. I couldn’t find anything I liked so I got creative and decided to make a candy buffet that our guests could enjoy and have fun with! (Most people don’t love the match boxes, personalized mint tins, or koozies…just sayin’)

So I went crazy with the apothecary jars, vases, glassware, and other display items that would make my candy buffet unique and then I bought blue duh candy to put in the containers. Here is a sampling of candy I purchased:

  • Salt water taffy
  • Rock candy on a stick and on strings (placed in different containers, really turned out cute with the sticks stickin’ up)
  • Jordan almonds (in traditional white)
  • Sixlets
  • M&Ms

I also added: chocolate covered strawberries (I place them in gold foil cupcake holders) and cake pops just to add some chocolate to my spread. Take a look at the gallery below.

photo (57)

DIY: Creating a simple AND cute game for the kids attending your wedding

Another DIY idea I employed at my wedding was inspired by Pinterest! Many of you may have seen it before, it’s called “I SPY” and it’s a cute little idea that can be used as a game or distraction for the kids who end up coming with their parents to your wedding. I bought about 20 disposable cameras (you can adjust the # you buy based on how many kids you think will come, remember, they can share). I placed those cameras in an ivory wicker basket with a gold framed sign next to it that read ‘I SPY”. Under that, a list read all kinds of little moments that the kids might “SPY” at our wedding such as:

  • The Bride playing with her rings
  • Youngest guest at the wedding
  • Best Dancer on the dancefloor
  • Bride and Groom cutting the cake
  • Mother of the Bride crying

You get the idea. Well, I am so happy to say that it was a HIT! All of our cameras were used and returned to us post-wedding (well for us it was post-honeymoon when my parents gave them to us) and we were able to go to the local CVS and develop our pictures WEEKS BEFORE our professional photographer would be able to give us any pictures from our day. THIS was the most important thing to me and really made a huge difference because I was so looking forward to seeing my special pics and this gave me that chance.

It was also pretty adorable to see my wedding from a kids’ point of view. Here is a quick cell phone shot of the “I SPY” game at my wedding.

photo (58)
DIY: “I SPY” Camera Game for Kids

Well you creative geniuses, that is all I have for now. Please contact me on Twitter (@hhamam) or leave a comment below if you have any questions or comments about any DIY wedding projects above. Thanks for visiting my blog, have a great day!

I would be remiss to not credit my amazing wedding photographer, Olivia Griffin for the stunning images you see above (minus the cell phone shot of the full candy buffet and “I SPY”). 

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