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Fashionable Friday: You are so loved (so dress like it!)

Pink blazer/mint julep pants
It’s Fashionable Friday, folks! This Friday’s post is all about the freshness of Spring and the colors this season will bring. Since Spring is officially 20 days away, I wanted to post a quick polyvore post displaying how gorgeous it would be to pair a hot pink blazer with mint julep-colored pants.
Since Spring is all about bringing out our inner brightness, we can strategically use neutrals from our warbrobe to allow us to play with all the fun colors. Personally, I like to use 1 neutral for every 2 bright colors.
The neutrals in your wardrobe might surprise you–see those Gucci pumps below? I consider those a neutral even though they have a colorful floral pattern. And PS, aren’t they to die for? I feel like those are an investment pump you could just get so much use out of. AND…they don’t look so haute couture that you couldn’t find a substitute at a more mainstream store…I’m heading to DSW right now.


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