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So I have often wondered if my online shopping is directly influenced by my receiving an e-mail from a store inviting me to take a look at their sales or their season must-haves or if I seek out the website on my own. I subscribe to a handful of these e-mail notifications, to name a few: Anthropologie, Piperlime, and Gilt and I must admit, I delete a lot of them before I even open them. But, there is one of these that I always open immediately or save for later when I get to my desktop. And that is–

As many of you know, Gilt is an “exclusive” members-only shopping website that runs the gamut of things they sale from fine jewelry to shoes to outerwear to girl-on-a-budget sunglasses. And that is just on their Women’s Sales section. They have a full Men’s Sales, Home Sales, Baby & Kids, Home, you get the picture. They also have a full Travel Sales section from their partnership with Jetsetter.

My homepage for today on
My homepage for today on

There is just something about the routine of their Sales and the organization of their site that appeals to me. I know that at noon and 9 pm, they will open their sales. Before these times, I can preview what sales will be taking place but I cannot take an extended look at the merchandise. But that’s okay because I can usually Google the brand and see what to expect. Their sales usually last two days and there is a timer on each sale so you know how much more time you have to buy anything.

So now you’re asking: how do I get invited to this super pish-posh shopping experience? 

Well, I’ll tell ya because it’s not that big of a deal–you have to be invited by someone already in their little club. (Sidebar: If you want an invitation, I will send you one, just comment below).

I don’t do a ton of online shopping but when I do, I buy a fair amount. In the past, I have purchased sunglasses by Versace, a dress by Alice + Olivia and some very cute two-tone Seychelles sandals. I have never bought jewelry off Gilt but I definitely will at some point because it’s always reasonably priced and very fashionable.

The concept of members-only shopping isn’t new and Gilt certainly isn’t the only site offering up designer deals. Check out these other options I found for you.

  • Rue La La (trendy clothes)
  • ideeli (sales like on Gilt, womens, shoes, home, etc)
  • HauteLook (a Nordstrom company so it’s gotta be good)
  • Shop It To Me (I love this one, you enter all your sizes and it sends you the best deals from all over the shopping world wide web either daily or weekly–your choice!)
  • Belle & Clive (this is the high-end premium designer version of Gilt but on occasion, there are some affordable sales)
  • The Real Real (also premium designers like Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, Prada)
  • Sole Society (reasonable priced fashion-forward shoes)

There is something that we, as shoppers, love about a personalized shopping experience. For a lot of us, shopping is our way to relax and enjoy ourselves from the comfort of our home. So having sites like Gilt or Shop It To Me that cater to our waistline, shoe size, and favorite colors makes perfect sense. For me, it beats trolling major department store sites trying to figure out where they hide all the best fashion and deals.

See these 2 images for how easy to navigate Gilt truly is:

Gilt Groupe

Gilt Groupe fashion

If you’re not already on the members-only bandwagon, give it a try! I forgot to mention that it’s free so you really have nothing to lose.

And like I said before, if you need an invite for any of these sites just comment below and I will gladly hook you up.

Happy 1st Saturday of March! The countdown to Spring has officially begun: 18 days!

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