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happy march!

DSCN1055It is officially March, the dawn of spring. I can hear the birds chirping outside but they sound cautious. There is still a chill in the air with no indicator of when balmy days may grace us. Nonetheless, people have already begun looking forward to warmer weather and being drawn outside by the activities that are made available when the thermostat reads higher than 60. It’s true, there is more to do and more fun to be had, whether it’s by yourself or with your friends, when it’s hotter. And this isn’t just the southerner in me talking. I love a fireplace, cute winter coat, and snowmen as much as the next girl but I like taking walks, playing tennis with my husband, and the beach a whole lot more.

Furthermore, even the things you can do inside in the winter, are just more fun when done in the summer. Cue bulleted list:

  • Drink sweet tea
  • Eat hamburgers and hotdogs
  • Clean your house (imagine windows being open)
  • Read a book (living room couch versus front porch rocker with light breeze in the air)
  • Watch a movie (ever heard of film in the park? think: blanket spread out on grass, fireflies, and your loved one holding you close under the stars)

See what I mean? The activity improves exponentially when you attach some rays and light breeze.

Whether you live in a big city or a small town, odds are, your city officials are gearing up for some great events for you to enjoy outside this year! I encourage you to check out your city’s main website or perhaps your town’s parks & recreation website to see an event schedule of what is coming up. It may still be a bit early but everyone has to look forward to something.

Here are a few links if you live in the Upstate:

City of Greenville Calendar of Events

Greenville County Parks and Recreation

Greenville Convention and Visitors Bureau

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