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Oxymoron Outfits: Dressy Casual

Oxymoron Outfits: Dressy Casual
So this Spring is the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe into something you can be proud of. There are so many options that Spring allows where Winter just wouldn’t let you. In Spring there is still a nip in the air that allows you to wear statement jackets and sweet cardigans. I haven’t added those in this inspiration board but instead, I brought together 2 looks (a jumpsuit and a poppin’ pant outfit) that can both handle the same nude sandal and interchangeable jewelry. Let’s face it, whenever we shell out major bucks for an item, we like to know it has serious wardrobe versatility. Rest assured that in Spring, you can do so much with so many different colors. Mix, match, reuse, just have fun–from your hat to your chunky jewelry to your pedicure!
Not only that but the 2 looks above can dress you for both dressy and casual occassions. If that won’t save you bucks, what will?!

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