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Adele wins for Best Original Song, "Skyfall"
Adele wins for Best Original Song, “Skyfall”

This year’s Oscars telecast celebrated film, music, and as always, all those wonderful people who bring movie magic into our lives. This YouTube playlist offers up the best speeches from this year’s show.

Follow the link to see the full playlist to see Anne Hathaway accept her Best Supporting Actress Award for Les Miserables, Ben Affleck gets emotional as he accepts the award for Best Picture for Argo (after getting snubbed out of a Best Director nomination), and watch Adele steal the Oscar for Best Original Song “Skyfall” from the James Bond film of the same name.

And though this year’s speeches were pretty good, don’t be fooled by this post’s title into thinking that anyone pulled a Sally Field circa 1985 when she garnered her 2nd Best Actress award for her role in Places in the Heart at which point during her speech she is quoted as such.

After watching the speeches, head on over –> here to see what I had to say about the Oscars and –> here for my take on the fashion (which — let’s face it — is even more important than any gold statue).

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