Wedding Wednesday: Love at First Cake Tasting


If we are honest with ourselves, we know that after we see the bride and marvel at her beauty, the only thing we really care about at any wedding is the cake. Specifically–

  1. What does the cake look like? Is it a baked good marvel, traditional white, or a themed tower of fondant?
  2. And what does aforementioned cake taste like? AKA I want to eat you right now.

The above inspiration board for brides-to-be (or guilty pleasure board for you non-wedding planners) is a collage of beautiful, detailed, and decadent cakes that deserve priority seating at any wedding so that everyone can feast their eyes and then their face.

PS The Marie Antoinette blue cake with gold trim and fleur de lis was my wedding cake. Highly recommend Strossners, the creator of this masterpiece. And believe it or not–it tasted even more delicious than it looks.

Sound off below, which cake cuts it for you?


  1. Wow, all these cakes are stunning!
    I love the Marie Antoinette one you had for your wedding- gorgeous. That one and the gold has to be my favorites.

  2. Aren’t they ahh-mazing!? Glad you loved my cake…the gold one was my alternative if they told me they couldn’t create that blue stunner. We have similar taste! Thanks for reading. 🙂

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